Trust the Process

Advertising, marketing, and design will always contain subjectivity.

It’s the nature of our business. The more opinionated you are, the better. No one wants to be too inside the box.

Ever worked in a creative agency? They’re fun. The people are colorful. Disorganized. Dramatic.

Agencies often succeed in spite of themselves. They prioritize story and creativity above all. Including business.

To do the best work, each department at an agency needs a strong process.

Process is defined as a series of actions or events performed to make something or achieve a particular result.

Not sure where to start? Write down everything your agency does.

Begin with business development. How do you handle sales calls? Does your sales team have a script?

What about onboarding new clients? This is always difficult for agencies to manage.

Or project management… Does every project feel different? It shouldn’t.

As one client told me, customizing everything is expensive.

So document each step of your projects.

From concept to creation to content delivery.

You’ll find holes and vulnerabilities.

And when your “process” breaks, write it down and create a fix.

When it breaks again, repeat.

Eventually, the result will be an agency that runs efficiently and profitably because there are few surprises.

Your work will be better. Your employees will be happier. And your clients will be thrilled with the results.


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