Helpful Agency Processes

No matter your company or industry, your success will from having strong processes in place.

Processes provide transparency and accountability.

Processes also help your company scale efficiently. Without processes, you may grow but it will be slow and laborious.

Processes help you go from 5-figures to 7-figures faster and more profitably.

You can remove the things that don’t’ work and scale the things that make your business successful.

Each of us has a process, a routine. Even if you just wing it, that is a process (A bad one.)

If your company is running amock, it’s your job as the CEO to get control and institute necessary processes.

Some helpful processes:

  • Weekly meetings with teams and leaders
  • Sales scripts + training
  • Weekly/monthly P&L review
  • CRM training and accountability
  • 90-day onboarding plan
  • Employee training + development
  • New employee hiring


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