Five Questions to Close the Deal

Getting new leads but not closing them? You’re probably failing to do ask the right questions.

The best marketers and business people ask great questions.

I’m not talking about chit-chat or small talk. When you have a prospect on the phone or in the room, everything that comes out of your mouth must relate to the sale. You should be asking questions non-stop.

The better questions you ask, the better info you get and the higher your chances are to close the deal.

Five Question to Ask Every Prospect

1.) What is your revenue goal this year?

I recommend this angle instead of straight-up asking someone for their budget. You’ll get an accurate answer and this wording comes off as inquisitive and helpful instead of annoying and arrogant.

Getting a client to give you their budget is 100% pointless. It’s not their budget; it’s YOUR budget. Are they willing to invest the money it takes to be successful?

2.) How much does it cost you to acquire a client?

You need to know this in order to recommend the right advertising channel and marketing budget. If your research shows the average click on Google Ads for their target keyword is $21.00 and you calculate in average conversion rate, you get an approximate spend budget to recommend.

3.) What is the LTV (lifetime value) of a client?

Many small to medium-sized companies don’t know this answer. If they know their LTV number then it gives you insight into how valuable your service is to them.

Knowing this also helps establish if a client is any good for you. If you find the LTV is only $50.00, then your services may not be valuable to them.

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4.) What have you done previously/what are you doing now? 

This gets people talking. Let them tell you about their problems. Listen and start to formulate solutions in your head. Don’t assume or guess.

5.) What don’t you like about “___”?

If you’re pitching a rebrand, redesign, website design, copywriting, or any creative service, let the client tell you what they don’t like. Once they tell you, pick up on one or two points and ask it again. Get this answer at all costs. It will make your pitch easier but also set you up for success when presenting the final product.

When meeting a new client, remember you are the expert. You need to learn quickly if this client is a good fit. So ask good questions.


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