Helping The Competition

In our midsize town, there are dozens of advertising agencies.

When you consider the successful freelance designers and developers, you have a crowded market.

I’ve gone up against friends for jobs.

But when they come to me for business advice, I give it to them.

I know many read this blog.

I don’t mind. There is an abundance of money to go around. You’re better to focus on how you can make money instead of trying to keep others down.

I used to get discouraged when I would lose a bid. Getting the “sorry” email/phone call to inform me we didn’t get the project would throw me into a funk for days.

The next few days I’d stew. My insecurities would take over and I’d eventually get mad at the client for not choosing us.

That was a lot of wasted energy. I’ve changed my mindset recently. I can only control certain things.

One of those things is my attitude. I choose to be grateful and helpful.

That includes my friends and competition.

Now, if you want me to consult with your company, close business deals for you, or require an extended amount of my time, I will charge.

But advice and a listening ear are always free.


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