Good Pain

To grow, you must experience pain.

Children experience pain as their bodies grow.

As any athlete knows, you must break down muscle for it to grow.

But there are two types of pain.

A football coach once referred to pain as either “good” or “bad”.

Good pain was positive.

Your lungs burning from the run. Soreness after lifting weights.

Bad pain meant an injury. Good pain meant growth.

Good pain is to be embraced and tolerated.

If fact, it is to be desired.

Without good pain, your body and mind stay stagnant.

The same goes for our life.

To grow, we must experience pain.

Sometimes this pain is the result of a confrontation.

Confrontation leads to admission.

Admission of weakness, of insecurity, of uncertainty, of fear.

Confrontation and admission are painful.

But from them, we grow.

Most people avoid pain their entire life.

They settle. For a house, for the job, for the relationship. For comfort.

To do anything uncomfortable would introduce pain.

Sadly, they don’t realize until it’s too late that it was good pain they were avoiding.

What is the source of your pain?

Is the pain you fear and avoid actually bad pain?

Or are you running from the good kind?

The only way to grow is to experience pain.

Next time you face a difficult decision, a risk.

Don’t procrastinate. Don’t worry. Acknowledge and understand the good pain.

Embrace it.


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