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How to Make Your WordPress Website ADA Compliant

I love to travel. We recently visited the beautiful country of Argentina 🇦🇷Because I’m a native South American, many people assumed I speak Spanish based on how I look, but sadly, I don’t. I’m not sure who was more confused… me by the long strings of Spanish the locals would rattle off to me, or them by my confused stares when I had no clue what they tried to tell me!

How to Integrate NationBuilder with WordPress Using the NationBuilder API

As a Certified NationBuilder Architect, one of the most common requests I hear from my NationBuilder clients is, “Can I integrate NationBuilder with WordPress?” The answer is absolutely yes, you can. While NationBuilder and WordPress are two different softwares, there are a variety of reasons why anyone would want to use them together: You have a brand new website on WordPress and don’t have the budget to move it all