Austin F. Cline is the founder and CEO of ASUN Digital, a B2B marketing agency.

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UX/UI Design

What Makes a Great Website?

Trends may ebb and flow, but there are a few fundamental pillars of great websites that don’t change. Many businesses feel the need to chase after new tools, faster frameworks, and the latest bells and whistles. In reality, businesses can avoid costly, frequent optimizations and ensure their website’s success by focusing on three strategic elements: (1) customer-centered design, (2) clarity, and (3) consistency. Read more here:

How to Make Your WordPress Website ADA Compliant

I love to travel. We recently visited the beautiful country of Argentina 🇦🇷Because I’m a native South American, many people assumed I speak Spanish based on how I look, but sadly, I don’t. I’m not sure who was more confused… me by the long strings of Spanish the locals would rattle off to me, or them by my confused stares when I had no clue what they tried to tell me!

Keyframes and CountUp.js

We threw this design together last week for a client’s website, and I thought I’d share it here. It uses CSS3 Keyframes to animate the background color, and we added some jQuery from CountUp.js to animate the numbers counting up. Take a look at the code below and feel free to copy and use in your own projects. See the Pen Keyframes and CountUp by Design4 Marketing (@Design4) on CodePen.