Austin F. Cline is the founder and CEO of ASUN Digital, a B2B marketing agency.

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Five Questions to Close the Deal

Getting new leads but not closing them? You’re probably failing to do ask the right questions. The best marketers and business people ask great questions. I’m not talking about chit-chat or small talk. When you have a prospect on the phone or in the room, everything that comes out of your mouth must relate to the sale. You should be asking questions non-stop. The better questions you ask, the better

Market, Message, Media

Whether they realize it or not, companies market themselves every day. Through paid advertising, branding or customer service, your company forges its identity through every interaction with a customer. Truth is, most companies never invest the time or resources required to actually know and understand their market. As a result, they fail to grow and prosper. In our recent post, “Everybody Markets, Few Connect” we explore the must-have parts of