Whether they realize it or not, companies market themselves every day. Through paid advertising, branding or customer service, your company forges its identity through every interaction with a customer. Truth is, most companies never invest the time or resources required to actually know and understand their market. As a result, they fail to grow and prosper.

In our recent post, “Everybody Markets, Few Connect” we explore the must-have parts of an effective marketing strategy, and what it takes to successfully connect with your audience.

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If you’re you’re ready to expand beyond the Google Ads network and dip your toes into more advanced platforms, you’ve probably begun researching programmatic display platforms. If you’re feeling confused and overwhelmed, don’t worry; programmatic display isn’t as complicated as it seems.

Put simply, programmatic display advertising is a digital advertising process that uses algorithms powered by advanced software to automate the buying, selling and optimization of online display advertisements to targeted customers when they browse websites.

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Trends may ebb and flow, but there are a few fundamental pillars of great websites that don’t change.

Many businesses feel the need to chase after new tools, faster frameworks, and the latest bells and whistles. In reality, businesses can avoid costly, frequent optimizations and ensure their website’s success by focusing on three strategic elements: (1) customer-centered design, (2) clarity, and (3) consistency.

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I love to travel. We recently visited the beautiful country of Argentina 🇦🇷Because I’m a native South American, many people assumed I speak Spanish based on how I look, but sadly, I don’t. I’m not sure who was more confused… me by the long strings of Spanish the locals would rattle off to me, or them by my confused stares when I had no clue what they tried to tell me!

That experience inspired my blog this week on ADA compliance. I’ve had a number of people contact me recently asking for help with making their website ADA compliant.

It may sound small, but ADA Compliance is actually a big deal. More and more companies are getting warnings, and some threatened with lawsuits.

To see if your website is ADA compliant and to learn why it should be, check out this week’s blog: https://asundigital.com/what-ada-compliance-means-for-websites-and-why-its-important/