Austin F. Cline is the founder and CEO of ASUN Digital, a B2B marketing agency.

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Should I Advertise my Agency?

At the beginning of your agency, there are two things you should do immediately: Reach out to your existing network (friends, family, past clients) Find a market and create/refine your offer It’s tempting to run Facebook ads off the bat. As a digital advertiser, I can tell you that marketing your agency is expensive. Google Ads will easily cost you $20.00/click. And for Facebook ads, you need to spend a

Good Pain

To grow, you must experience pain. Children experience pain as their bodies grow. As any athlete knows, you must break down muscle for it to grow. But there are two types of pain. A football coach once referred to pain as either “good” or “bad”. Good pain was positive. Your lungs burning from the run. Soreness after lifting weights. Bad pain meant an injury. Good pain meant growth. Good pain

Remote or In House?

I scroll through my Facebook feed and see the same ads every single day. “Grow your digital agency and travel the world” “Build an agency in two weeks” (not kidding). And while that might be some people’s dream, it’s not mine. I’m not opposed to hiring remote workers and I sure as hell don’t want to be trapped in an office. But I’m a collaborator. I need high-level interaction with

Helping The Competition

In our midsize town, there are dozens of advertising agencies. When you consider the successful freelance designers and developers, you have a crowded market. I’ve gone up against friends for jobs. But when they come to me for business advice, I give it to them. I know many read this blog. I don’t mind. There is an abundance of money to go around. You’re better to focus on how you

Trust the Process

Advertising, marketing, and design will always contain subjectivity. It’s the nature of our business. The more opinionated you are, the better. No one wants to be too inside the box. Ever worked in a creative agency? They’re fun. The people are colorful. Disorganized. Dramatic. Agencies often succeed in spite of themselves. They prioritize story and creativity above all. Including business. To do the best work, each department at an agency